Environmentally friendly


What does ecology mean to us ?

There are many visions around Ecology. For us, shortly put, it means reducing our ecological footprint in all domains.

To reach our objective, during the construction / rehabilitation phase we use materials as natural as possible, manage wastes to the lowest, reduce VOCs emissions to the strict minimum (VOCs : solvents and other organic volatiles compounds escaping from equipment or material to the atmosphere), etc.

When staying at La Moutonnerie we use renewable energy sources, recycle water, collect rainwater, reduce wastes at source and recycle. Etc.



More details : during the initial rehabilitation works season 2010-11, focusing on the existing house, we used natural products as far as possible :

-       only natural insulation material; floating floor without synthetic components nor VOCs; OSB without VOCs; …

-       no foam sealing, silicones without additives


recyclable material

- PVC substituted by High Density Polyethylene (PEHD); etc.


Our furniture is natural

-       mattresses in organic latex (no VOCs, nor Petrochem products involved)

-       furniture in wood, local as much as possible (no synthetic stuff, no VOCs)


Water consumption reduction

-       sinks and washbasins tap with flow limiter

-       Toilet flush with dual flows, etc.


For Energy, since 2012, we use exclusively renewable energy sources

-       local wood (estovers) or pellets

-       solar panels for hot water

  • electricity supplied 100% through renewable sources ((Enercoop lien vers leur site www.enercoop.fr ?)



And of course we collect rain water, compost as much as possible, reduce waste impact at source & recycle the inevitable waste, grow our own garden and orchard, etc.


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