Cluny, who celebrated the 1100 anniversary of the founding of the Abbey is a small town very active culturally.
Closer, Castle Cormatin is less than 5 km. A little further Brancion to 20 minutes.

Many craftsmen working in and around Bray (potters, potters, sculptors). Visits by appointment.

For athletes : the "green lane" feast of the cyclist is less than 3 km, and many outdoor activities are available within walking distance : swimming, riding, or a bit further : adventure, lakes (St Point or Laives) ...

Hikers and walkers : A marked trail passes beside the property. It leads to GR 76A(2.5 km) and allows the connection to the network marked the Cluny.

For foodies : The Moutonnerie is on the road of Burgundy wines; many factories toclose goat cheese; Area restaurants serve specialties of Burgundy.

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